Metal detector PI
  • Metal detector PI
  • Metal detector PI

Metal detector PI


Sensitive and very easy to use Pulse induction metal detector. Suitable to use with variuos diameter coils - from 10 cm to 1x1 meter.

Assembled and tested board


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Low reaction for stones, consist iron and ferrous oxides

Possibility to use small, normal and big coils. 

Assembled and tested board

You can use it for:

  - General purpose metal detector

  - Searching on the beach

  - Underwater metal detector

  - Searching meteorites

  - Searching gold (nugget)

  - Detector for deep searching


Model on New Hobby: NH-126

Principle: Pulse induction

Mode: non-motion

Search coil: RED (you can buy it from the site). Also you can do it yourself (description in manual).

Sensitivity: 25 cm for small coin, 30 cm for big coin.

Indication: sound, 10 LEDs (random color)

Power: 12V

Consumption: 65-75 mА

Size of the PCB: 

   - Main board: 109 х 69 mm

   - Front panel: 69 х 39 mm


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