Frequency Counter 100kHz-2400MHz
  • Frequency Counter 100kHz-2400MHz
  • Frequency Counter 100kHz-2400MHz
  • Frequency Counter 100kHz-2400MHz

Frequency Counter 100kHz-2400MHz

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Frequency Counter 100kHz-2400MHz

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With Microchip's PIC16F648A, 2.4 GHz frequency meter.

Using temperature-compensated voltage controlled crystal oscillator (2.5 ppm VC-TCXO).

Unique gate control and precise time algorithm (non-timed interrupt).

Gate (display refresh) time 0.01 seconds / 0.1 seconds / 1.0 seconds, real-time display frequency value.

Single-ended input design, three-channel frequency measurement (low channel / high channel / Auto Channel).

Dual frequency design, value and IF / down mode can be preset separately.

Using eight 0.56 inches high brightness digital display, eight adjustable brightness.

Circuit is simple and reasonable structure, two-button control, simple operation.

The settings are automatically saved, boot directly call.


1 Gate time

0.01 seond

0.10 second

1.0 second

2 Measurement channels (channels are low impedance)

low channel

Measuring range: 0.1 MHz ~ 60 MHz

Accuracy:  100Hz (0.01 1s gate time)

10Hz (0.1 seconds gate)

1Hz (1.0 seconds when the gate)

Low channel sensitivity:

0.1 MHz ~ 10 MHz: better than 60mVPP

10 MHz ~ 60 MHz: better than 60mVPP

60 MHz ~ 75 MHz: Not tested

high channel (divided by 64)

Measuring range: 20 MHz ~ 2.4 GHz

Accuracy:  6400Hz (0.01 seconds gate)

640Hz (0.1 1s gate time)

64Hz (1.0 1s gate time)

High channel sensitivity:

20 MHz ~ 30 MHz: better than 100mVPP

30 MHz ~ 60 MHz: better than 50mVPP

60 MHz ~ 2.4GHz: not tested

Auto Channel

Automatically selected according to the input signal frequency high or low channel channel, identifying the frequency of 60 MHz. Such as when the input signal amplitude is greater than 60 MHz shortage can not automatically select high channel, the channel should manually select high frequency measurement.

3,IF settings

Independent double-IF design, adjust the minimum frequency step of 100 Hz, frequency range 0 ~ 99.9999 MHz, can be set to increase or decrease the IF frequency mode.

4. Frequency reference

Using 5032 package 13.000MHz Warming voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VC-TCXO), frequency stability of  2.5 ppm.

5. Operating voltage

DC Input: DC 9V ~ 15V (with reverse polarity protection)

6 Current

Maximum 160 mA (test conditions:  DC12V power supply;  red LED; eight brightness)

7 Eight LED display, the highest display eight digits.

8 Eight LED brightness is adjustable, factory set to maximum brightness.

9 Physical Dimensions,Length × width × height: 125.5 mm × 25.5 mm × 21.5 mm

10. Component quality 46 g (NW)

11. Onboard Interface

DC IN (Power Interface): HX2.54-2P socket

RF IN (signal input): HX2.54-2P socket

ICSP (programming interface): 2.54-6P Pin

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