PI металотърсач (NH-204)
  • PI металотърсач (NH-204)

PI металотърсач (NH-204)

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Чувствителен и удобен за употреба металотърсач, работещ на принципа PI (pulse induction).

Можете да го използвате за:

  - металотърсач с общо предназначение

  - търсене на плажа

  - подводен металотърсач

  - търсене на метеорити (железни и никелови)

  - търсене на самородно злато (с малка бобина)


  • Модел в New Hobby: NH-204
  • Режим: динамичен, преминаващ в статичен (non-motion)
  • Търсеща бобина: Бяла (можете да я закупите от сайта). Можете също така да си я направите сами - описание в инструкцията.
  • възможност за включване на по-големи антени за дълбочинно търсене
  • възможност за включване на по-малки антени за търсене на малки обекти
  • Чувствителност: 25 см за малка монета, 30 см за голяма монета.
  • Индикация: LCD дисплей, звук
  • Индикация за изтощена батерия (звук). Напрежението на батерията се индицира на дисплея
  • Възможност за елиминиране на влиянието на земята и малки смущения
  • Защита срещу обратно включване на захранването
  • Захранване: 12V
  • Консумация: 80 mA при изключена подсветка на дисплея, до 100 mA при включена подсветка
  • Размери на платката: 85 x 110 мм

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Very good détecte de métal tank you

It is good. It works with excellent efficiency. It is very sensitive. It handles all files. It works well in searching on the beach and mountains. Thank you, sir. I will buy more later.

Ben Hebert

Excellent PI detector with performance that matches the Big Boys

I am extremely pleased with this little machine. It is well designed and the PCB was expertly assembled. Shipping was fast and the item was well packaged. Even with a tiny coil it out performs my Cscope CS4PI at detecting a gold ring by over 3 inches... I made a much larger coil (using a Chinese coil purchased off eBay with gutted internals) but it’s a lot of extra weight for a further inch of depth that simply isn’t required. I added a headphone circuit/socket but had to use a 1 Ohm resistor to reduce the gain as even at the lowest volume setting it was too loud. This sadly increased current draw by 10mA when in headphone mode. The power usage however is still excellent and I get over 8 hours with a 3 cell 800mah LIPO. I don't care for a screen so opted to put the unit in a small watertight survival case. A complete Garrett style shaft was obtained from a Chinese eBay seller which was actually very high quality and perfect for the job. The coil case and the few brackets required were 3d printed. A coil was wound with 0.5 enamel wire to the specification recommended by Violin connected by a 50 Ohm Coax up to the controller. This gave me an extremely light water resistant PI perfect for traveling and unbeatable for beach work. You won't regret this purchase. Nothing on the market is comparable at this price point. This is crazy money for a dynamic adjusting auto tuning PI... I hope at some point something running the "CHANCE" PI discriminating firmware is added to the line up.

Paraschivescu I


A very sensitive detector, very neatly built. I am very satisfied with this purchase!

Steven Al

Good job

High sensitivity, work stable

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PI металотърсач (NH-204)

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