PI metal detector (Project)

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Attention! This is not a real device - only project for direct manufacturing (PCB and assembling)

Pulse induction metal detector

Model on the New Hobby: NH-6

Type of the components: THT

Number of layers: 1

Dimension of the PCB: 86 x 46 mm

The downloadable ZIP file contain files:




Pick and Place

High resolution schematic

List of components

Short manual

PCB files for printing (top and bottom)

No any brands on the board. 



Extremely easy to use Pulse induction metal detector, operating in static mode (non motion). Very suitable for search on the beach, land or under water. Despite its simplicity, the device has a good sensitivity.

Model on New Hobby: NH-6

Principle: PI (Pulse Induction)

Mode: the detector operates in static mode - no need to move it when search.

Indication: sound, partial discrimination. (speaker not included)

Search coil: Red (not included, choose diameter from the site)

Power supply: 12 V

Consumption: 40 mA

Dimensions of the PCB: 9 x 5 cm

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PI metal detector (Project)

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