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840pcs 24 Values TO-92 General Purpose Transistors Assortment Kit

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Transistor Type: NPN PNP

Model: BC327 PNP, BC337 NPN, BC517 NPN, BC547 NPN, BC548 NPN, BC549 NPN, BC550 NPN, BC556 PNP, BC557 PNP, BC558 PNP, 2N2222 NPN, 2N3904 NPN, 2N3906 PNP, 2N5401 PNP, 2N5551 NPN, A1015 PNP, C1815 NPN, C945 NPN, S8050 NPN, S8550 PNP, S9012 PNP, S9013 PNP, S9014 NPN, S9015 PNP

Package Quantity: 840pcs(+/-2%)


There are total 840 pieces of transistors in this set which will meet your basic needs.

Contains most of the commonly used power transistors.

Fine workmanship and good performance.

Convenient to use.

High dielectric strength, fast switching speed.

Large power dissipation, good current performance.

Package included:

35pcs x BC327 PNP

35pcs x BC337 NPN

35pcs x BC517 NPN

35pcs x BC547 NPN

35pcs x BC548 NPN

35pcs x BC549 NPN

35pcs x BC550 NPN

35pcs x BC556 PNP

35pcs x BC557 PNP

35pcs x BC558 PNP

35pcs x 2N2222 NPN

35pcs x 2N3904 NPN

35pcs x 2N3906 PNP

35pcs x 2N5401 PNP

35pcs x 2N5551 NPN

35pcs x A1015 PNP

35pcs x C1815 NPN

35pcs x C945 NPN

35pcs x S8050 NPN

35pcs x S8550 PNP

35pcs x S9012 PNP

35pcs x S9013 PNP

35pcs x S9014 NPN

35pcs x S9015 PNP

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840pcs 24 Values TO-92 General Purpose Transistors Assortment Kit

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