PI metal detector for deep searching

This detector work stable with various coils - from 10 cm to 1x1 m

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This detector work stable with various coil diameter - from 10 cm to 1x1 m 

Low reaction for stones, what consists iron and ferrous oxides

You can use it for:

  - Deep searching (with big coil or frame)

  - General purpose metal detector

  - Searching on the beach

  - Searching meteorites

  - Searching gold (nugget)


Model on New Hobby: NH-173


Manual and Auto Threshold

Search coil: 38 cm, possibility to connect small and big coils

Indication: sound (speaker not included)

Low battery indication

Power: 12V

Reverse power protection

Consumption: ~140 mА

Dimensions of PCB: 127 x 92 мм

The kit contain:

   - Assembled and adjusted board

   - Coil 38 cm (without plastic head)

   - Cable between coil and electronics (1 meter)