30-500V LED voltmeter

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YB27A is a LED digital voltmeter with two-wire system and red display. Its measuring range is AC 75-300V.


- Adopting the capacitance step-down principle design, not suitable for high frequency occasion

- Used to monitor the household voltmeter, also applied to other AC voltmeter measure

- Good stability and high measurement accuracy

- With trimmer potentiometer

- Easy to read, install and use

Model: YB27A

Supply Voltage: No Need (two-wire system)

Measuring Range: AC 75-300V

Accuracy: 1V

Color: Black

Wire Length: 140mm

Screen Size: 38mm x 19mm

Product Size: 47mm x 28mm x 22mm

Net Weight: 19g

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30-500V LED voltmeter

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