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Pocket Digital jewellery Scale Weight 200g x 0.01g

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Calibration:Auto calibration

Tare range:Tare full capacity

Auto off:30 seconds off

Operation temp:50-86 degrees Fahrenheit

Power:2*AAA Batterles(not inculded batteries)


1,Reset the scale by pressing(ON/OFF)key.

2,Wait until the LCD displays"0.0"and then press and HOLD(UNITS)key for 3 seconds. the LCD will display"CAL",and then release the (UNITS)key.

3,press(UNITS) key again ,the LCD will display"CAL"followed by the required Calibration weight.

4,Add the required Calibration weight,the dispaly will show "PASS" and return to normal weighing mode.

5,Put away the Calibration weight and press (ON/OFF) to turn off the soale and the Calibration is finished!

Counting function

1.Turn on the scale and wait until the LCD displays "0.0".

2.Place a sample amount (25pcs,50pcs,75pcs or 100pcs) of the quantity you wish to weigh and count onto the platform.

3.Press and HOLD (PCS)key for 2 seconds;theLCD will display a random number,for example "100".

4.Press (UNITS) key to select the sample amount of the item that you have put onto the platform.

5.Press (PCS) key to confirm the above information, the LCD will now display pos in the corner to show that the scale is incounting mode.

6.Remove the sample quantity from the platform.

7.You now can place any amount of your item(s) on the scale and the LCD will display a count.

8.You can switch between weighing mode and counting mode by pressing(UNITS) or (PCS) key respectively.

Tare weighing

1.Turn on scale as described above.

2,Place the "tare item" on the platform.

3.Press (TARE) and wait unit "0.0" is displayed.

4.Add the "net-weight-item".


1.Place scale on a horizontal flat surface,press (ON/OFF) key to turn on the scale.

2.Wait until"0.0"is displayed,

3.Put the object(s) on the weighing platform.

4.Using the (UNITS) key.you can switch between the weighing units.

5.Using the (LIGHT) KEY,you can turn on or off the backlight.