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Touch Screen Multimeter

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New design! Touch screen multimeter!

What is the Touch screen multimeter?

No button, you can touch screen!

like a phone, thin and light!

Model: 8138


Automatic range and automatic identification.

It is comparable in size to the 4.7-inch mobile phone. 

Ultra-thin design that fits easily in a pocket.

The design is exquisite, simple and generous, large touch screen

Simulation bar: more intuitive display of measurements. The analog bar provides fast and accurate digital representation.


Main material: ABS

Ture-RMS: yes

Display: 6000 counts (3 5/6)

DC voltage: 0V-1000V

AC voltage: 0V-750V

Resistance: 1Ω-6MΩ

Capacitance: 1nF-60mF


Zero line of fire: YES

Backlight: YES

Flashlight: YES

Room temperature display: YES

Keeping data: YES

Frequency display: YES

Color screen: YES

On and off the test: 0.6V

No-operation shutdown: about 5 minutes

Power: 2 * AAA battery (not included)

Item size: 133 * 67 * 12mm / 5.2 * 2.6 * 0.5in

Item weight: 173g / 6.1ounce

Note:can't measure DC/AC current

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Touch Screen Multimeter

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