1Hz-50MHz Frequency Meter


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Frequency range: 1Hz-50MHz(in fact, it can work up to 78MHz). 

Four or five digits resolution(display for example, x.xxx KHz, x.xxx MHz, or xx.xx MHz). 

Automatic range switching with different gate times. 

Programmable addition or subtraction of the frequency offset. 

Input impedance: 1.1M, in parallel with about 10pF. 

Input sensitivity: tipcally less than 20mV RMS from 1Hz-100KHz, rising to 35mV at 20MHz and 75mV at 50MHz(150mV at 78MHz). 

Current consumption: 50mA with 7 to 9V input. 

Optional(configurable) power-saving mode which automatically turns the display off if the frequency didn't change significantly within 15s. 


Type: Assembled Tester  

Frequency Range: 1Hz-50MHz 

Input Impedance: 1.1M, in parallel with about 10pF 

Resolution: Max. 1Hz 

Current Consumption: 50mA with 7 to 9V Input 

Input Socket: BNC 

Display: LED Digital Display 

PCB Size: 79 * 62mm / 3.1 * 2.44in 

Product Weight: 60g / 2.11oz 

Package Weight: 61-65g / 2.16-2.28oz