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1Hz~150kHz PWM Signal Generator

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Size: approx. 80*44*27mm

Working Voltage: DC 3.3V~30V

Frequency Range: 1Hz~150kHz (divided into 4 ranges)

Frequency Precision: 2% of each range

Signal Load Capacity: output current is about 5-30mA

Output Amplitude: PWM amplitude equal to the input voltage value

Environment Temperature Range: -20~+70℃

Duty Cycle Range: 0-100%



LCD display frequency and duty cycle, very clear, PWM output, can be set to the frequency and duty cycle.

Serial communication, TTL level.

Frequency is divided into four ranges, automatic switching.

All set parameters, power-down automatically saved.

Fine workmanship and good performance.

Easy to use.

Long service life.

Used as square wave signal generator for experimental development.

Used as square wave signal generator for motor driver.

Used as adjustable pulse generator for MCU.

Used as pulse generator, control related circuits (PWM dimming, speed regulating).

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1Hz~150kHz PWM Signal Generator

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