Ion detector
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Ion detector

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The device is a sensitive indicator of changes in the electric field caused by anomalies in the ground,  cavities, different mineralization, availability metallic objects, ionizing radiation, etc. This device does not respond directly to metal objects, but only to the changes of the electric field caused by the mentioned reasons.


Model on New Hobby: UF-1 (NH-195, Version 2)


   - LEDs for positive and negative ions

   - Sound (speaker or headphone, NOT INCLUDED)

Antenna: telescopic (NOT included)

Power: 9V (not included)

Consumption: 20-40 mA

Dimensions of the board: 50 x 66 мм

This model also can be purchased as project for dowloading on the site

The kit contain:

Assembled and tested board and connected potentiometers

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