Audio 2x3W Amplifier board
  • Audio 2x3W Amplifier board
  • Audio 2x3W Amplifier board

Audio 2x3W Amplifier board

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1. Dimension:1.85*2.15cm

2. Work Voltage:2.5V-5V, Limit Voltage: 5.5V

3. Excellent noise suppression

4. Large output power, good sound quality

5. Double channel stereo, 5V power supply and can output 3W+3W power, and can directly drive 4 ohm & 8 ohm speakers

6. Class D digital power board without LC filter, could be powered by computer USB

7. Dual panel wiring, wiring properly solve the crosstalk caused by ground potential balance and inter channel

8. Miniature design, can be easily placed into a variety of digital products


The left and right channel output of the "negative" can not be connected in parallel, otherwise it will burn out IC,and before electrification should be first connect the speaker (load).


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