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2x100W Bluetooth Audio Amplifier

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This product has 4 versions to choose from, each version also has Bluetooth 5.0 function, power is divided into 50W and 100W, with or without AUX analog input function, users can buy the version according to their own needs, the cost performance is very high!


1.For DIY---The outer casing is a material package,  It needs to be assembled by itself, and the material package is given a screwdriver.

2.---Attention! The heat sink tape 3M glue needs to be pasted to the chip by itself. Please refer to the picture in the description. The hotter the more sticky the thermal conductivity is.The shell version needs to be assembled by yourself. Screwdriver is given with the shell version.

3.For use---The power switch on the board is standby switch. After the switch is off, the machine is in standby state with low power consumption. If the power is completely turned off or the DC plug on the machine can be unplugged for a long time.

Bluetooth 5.0 +AUX Digital Amplifier 100Wx2  

1. Working mode: class D

2.Audio input: support bluetooth 5.0,  AUX

3. Rated output power: 100W+100W

4. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz

5. Working voltage: DC5V to DC24V

6. Recommended power voltage: DC19V

7. Fit speaker parameters: 4-8 ohms

8. size: 84*52*24mm

9.Net weight: about 130g

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2x100W Bluetooth Audio Amplifier

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