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2000V High Voltage Generator

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Size: 4.15 cm long, 2.6 cm wide and 2 cm high

DC 3.7V boost 2000V, pulse boost module

It can work continuously and the maximum discharge distance is about 1.5MM.

Input voltage: 3-4.2V

Input Current: Max. 2A

No-load current: 130MA (4.2V voltage)

Output voltage: 2000V (low battery voltage, low output voltage)

The output of 3V voltage input is about 1500V, the output of 3.7V input is about 1800V, and the output of 4.2V input is about 2000V.

The output circuit is voltage doubling rectifier

High Voltage Discharge Capacitor, 2000V 223

Many friends don't know what is voltage, current, power. They mistakenly regard high voltage as high current or high power. The unit of voltage is volt V, the unit of current is ampere A, and the unit of power is Watt W. Current multiplied by voltage equals power. This is a high-voltage, low-current, low-power boost module. If you want to increase the instantaneous discharge current, you can output a large capacity, high-voltage capacitor in parallel (recommended four air-conditioning compressors CBB65 capacitor, 450V series use, capacity size according to your needs to choose), such as a customer-made rat trap, if you want to increase. Large discharge distance, need higher voltage, this is no way, can only choose other. If the discharging sound is small, it can output parallel 2000V capacitor (which will reduce the discharging frequency). The discharge frequency of the sense is slow, and the frequency is determined by the power, which can not be changed.


Matters needing attention:

The board has a high voltage capacitor, which may leave surplus electricity after use.

High pressure danger, use need to pay attention to safety

Usage: Popular science experiment, electronic instrument, negative ion generator, scientific small-scale production, etc.

Seeing that some friends have purchased the output voltage after measuring, the ordinary multimeter does not have such a high voltage range. It is tested directly with 1000V grade. The first measurement is not accurate. The second high voltage may cause the multimeter to burn out. It can be measured by resistor voltage divider. Two or three 3M Euro resistors are connected in series and connected in parallel at the output end. The digital multimeter is used to measure the output voltage. Voltage on one resistor, three resistors in series, voltage reading multiplied by three, and the result multiplied by two. Pointer meter is not recommended for measuring because of the low internal resistance of the meter.

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2000V High Voltage Generator

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