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30 x 60 Zoom Travel Camping Binocular

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Multiples: 8 times

Colour: Black

Field of view: 126m/1000m

Field: 7.2 degrees

Built-in wide-angle mirror

Outlet diameter: 24mm

Exit distance: 90mm

Nearest distance: 8 meters

Objective lens coating: multilayer optical red film Excellent eye protection and light enhancement

The fine shape of the palm of the hand is better than the "big man" telescope, which is 9.2cm long and 6cm wide.

Stylish design, comfortable to wear, easy to carry

Weight: 190 grams or so

Product size: 10.4cm x 9.2cm x 3.5cm (after stretching)

6.4cm x 9.2cm x 3.7cm (after folding)

Focusing system: center axis focusing plus right eyepiece compensation focusing

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30 x 60 Zoom Travel Camping Binocular

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