DDS signal generator

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Operating voltage: DC7-9V

DDS frequency range: 1HZ-65534Hz.

Display: 1602 LCD

High-speed frequency (HS) output up to 8MHz;

DDS signal amplitude of the offset amount can be adjusted separately by two potentiometers;

DDS signals: sine wave, square wave, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, triangle wave, the ECG wave and noise wave.

Section into the value: 1,10,100,1000,10000 Hz;

The power automatically restore the last used configuration.

Offset: 0.5pp-5Vpp

Amplitude amount: 0.5Vpp-14Vpp

Key Functions:

The UP output waveform select

The DOWN output waveform select

LEFT output frequency -

RIGHT output frequency +

STOP / RUN the output stop / start

"UP" key waveforms order:

ECG = electrocardiogram wave (in the OFF state, the "left "and "right" keys to set the output frequency. Middle button start, all of the following waveform set)

Rev Sawtooth = reverse sawtooth

SawTooth = sawtooth

Triangle = triangle wave

Square = square wave

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DDS signal generator

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