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0.02Hz-100Khz Adjustable Signal generator


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0.02Hz-10Mhz Adjustable Square Wave Pulse Signal generator

VCC                  : DC 5V(3.8~5.V) Positive power supply

GND                  : Negative power

Button B            : Fine tune frequency

Signal output     : 0.02Hz~10Mhz(Accuracy:0.6%) Square wave output(5V TTL Level,maximum output current 20MA).                        

Button A            : Coarse tune frequency

Mode selection  : Connection,0.02Hz~1Khz Low-frequency square-wave output.

                             Disconnection,160hz~10Mhz High-frequency square-wave output.


PCB size : 17*12mm


High-frequency step is to divide an integer multiple of 10Mhz,You can adjust the frequencies are:10Mhz,10Mhz/2(5Mhz),10Mhz/3(3.3Mhz)...10Mhz/65500(152hz).

Low-frequency step is to divide an integer multiple of 1Khz,You can adjust the frequencies are:1Khz,1Khz/2(500hz),1Khz/3(333hz)...1Khz/65500(0.015Hz).



 Short press (less than 2S) be slow to adjust,Short press once, Frequency slow adjustment(Frequency decreases).


Long press (more than 2S) for fast adjustment,When the frequency is adjusted to a minimum.

Short press once again, become the highest frequency