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DDS Function Signal Generator 1Hz - 500KHz


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Pattern Name: 1HZ-500KHZ

Used for alignment of audio equipment and up into the lower radio frequencies at the lower end of the Am band or Amateur bands


The main output waveform : sine wave and square-wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave

Maximum output amplitude:± 10Vpp (no-load)

Output impedance :50Ω±10%

Dc bias: ± 10V (no-load)

Display: LCD1602

Resolution: 1 Hz

Power supply: DC 3.5-10V output frequency range

Sine wave: 1Hz-500KHz

Square-wave: 1 Hz - 20kHz (the valid range)

Triangle wave: 1 Hz - 20KHz (the valid range)

Sawtooth wave: 1 Hz - 20KHz (the valid range)

Package Included:

1 x DDS Function Signal Generator

1 x USB to DC Power Cable