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Signal Generator module 1 Hz - 150 KHz

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Two independent PWM generators can set the frequency, duty cycle;

The wide frequency range, high accuracy;

Can serial communication.

The module description:

Frequency is divided into three ranges:

XXX (no decimal point): the smallest unit is 1Hz, the range 1Hz ~ 999Hz;

XX.X (decimal point in ten): The minimum unit is 0.1Khz; the range of 0.1KHz ~ 99.9KHz

X.X.X. (there are three decimal point): the smallest unit is 1Khz; the range 1KHz ~ 150KHz

Frequency display example:

"100" indicates that the PWM output pulse of 100Hz;

"54.1" indicates that the PWM output pulse of 54.1KHz;

"1.2.4." Indicates that the PWM pulse output 124KHz

Duty Cycle in the range: 0 to 100;

Three frequencies duty cycle is the same, all the parameters non-volatile.

The module parameters:

Working voltage: 5--30V, support micro USB 5.0V power supply;

Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 150KHz;

The frequency accuracy: ± 2%;

Output Current: <30mA;

Output amplitude: Default 5Vp-p (settable);

Operating temperature range: -30 ~ + 70 ℃.

The parameter settings:

Module has three buttons [Set], [Up], [Down];

Press [Set] key to switch the display four parameters (FR1: PWM1 frequency; dU1: PWM1 duty cycle; FR2: frequency of PWM2; dU2: PWM2 duty cycle), before the handover parameters, there will be corresponding parameter name flash.

Press [Up], [Down] keys to modify the current parameter value (long press can quickly add or subtract fast).

Two PWM each have three preset frequency, the frequency display interface, long press [SET] key to switch between three types of frequencies, three kinds of frequency duty cycle is the same value. (XXX: range 1Hz ~ 999Hz; XX.X: range 0.1Khz ~ 99.9Khz; X.X.X .: range 1Khz ~ 150Khz,).

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Signal Generator module 1 Hz - 150 KHz

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