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Frequency counter 100 kHz - 65 MHz

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PLJ - 6 leds - A is designed for the HAM friends of cost-effective six LED display module, frequency is mainly used for transceiver equipment such as frequency values show, also can be used in the conventional frequency measurement.

This module is compact, reliable performance, good visual effect, low cost, etc.

Main features:

1 PIC16F628A Microchip company as the core of 65 MHZ frequency meter.

Type 2 frequency reference with temperature compensation voltage controlled crystal oscillator (+ / - 2.5 PPM VC - TCXO).

3 adopt unique gate control mode and precision of algorithm.

4 gate time of 0.1 seconds (display refresh), real-time display frequency values.

5 10 hz / 100 hz frequency measurement precision (right one) is optional.

6 double medium frequency design, intermediate frequency value and add/subtract mode can be preset alone, each other.

7 shows driver using special chip LED display, digital tube high brightness, less foreign interference.

8 using six 0.56 -inch digital tube display, automatic blanking invalid zero, changing the brightness is adjustable.

9 simple circuit, reasonable structure, double button control, simple operation.

Each set automatically saved 10, boot direct call.

Technical parameters

1. The gate time

0.1 seconds

2. The measurement channels

Input impedance: high resistance

Measuring range: 0.1 MHz to 65 MHz

The accuracy of measurement: 10 Hz

Sensitivity: better than 60 MVPP

3. The intermediate frequency setting

Independent double medium frequency design, intermediate frequency adjust the minimum interval is 100 Hz, the medium frequency range of 0 ~ 99.9999 MHz, can be set up and intermediate frequency

Or minus intermediate frequency mode.

4. The frequency benchmark

Using 5032 size 13.000 MHz removing voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VC - TCXO), frequency stability is plus or minus 2.5 PPM.

5. Working voltage

DC input: 8 v to 15 v DC (power supply polarity reverse connect protection) or DC 5 v (hardware setup required).

Working current is 6.

Maximum 90 mA

7. According to figures

Six common anode LED display, the highest according to six figures.

8. Display brightness

8 LED brightness is adjustable, the factory is set to the highest intensity.

9. Physical size

Length x width x height: 91 mm x 28 mm x 20 mm

10. The onboard interface

The RF signal input (IN) : HX2.54-2 p socket

ICSP (programming interface) : 2.54-6 p pin

DC power supply interface (IN) : HX2.54-2 p socket