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Magnetic field sensor module

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Digital Display Magnetic Field Induction

Intensity Detection Hall Sensor Module




This magnetic induction detection module can easily read the magnetic field values with instructions, and the digital tube display is faster. The module has a threshold detection function that supports the AT communication protocol. It can be applied to current sensing, motor control, position sensing, iron metal detectors, vibration sensing, liquid level sensing, weight sensing and other related fields.


The SS49E linear Hall sensor is a small, versatile device controlled by a magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet or electromagnet. The small and micro structure allows the board to accommodate more components. The product's low noise, low power consumption also includes thin film resistors, with better temperature stability and accuracy, suitable for commercial, consumer and industrial...



Power Supply: 5V

Baud Rate: 9600

Communication Protocol: AT

Detection Range: ±1000 Gs

Module Size: 37mm x 17mm

Accuracy: ±1 Gs

Response Time: About 10-20mS

Working Environment: Temperature: -40~85℃; Humidity: 0~99%RH

Storage Environment: Temperature: -55~150℃; Humidity: 0~99%RH

Digital Tube Display Refresh Rate: 700mS


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Magnetic field sensor module

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