Timer Switch Adjustable Module 0~10S

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Product introduction

Size: 6.8 CM * 2.1 CM

The main chip: NE555

Working voltage: DC12V


1, The relay time delay and power supply is connected.Specific as follows: for 12 v power supply to the relay, relay not immediately and absorption, relay the output status to: normally open and public disconnect, normally closed and public conduction;Wait for delay 1-10 s (adjustable), relay and absorption, at this point, the relay outputs status to: normally open and public conduction, normally closed and public disconnected;As long as the module power continuously, this state will remain.

2, The delay time is adjustable, (0 ~ 10 seconds)

4, IKncreasing the potentiometer can increase the delay time

5, the capacitor C1 can increase delay time

6, with input power light

7, A relay and indicator lights

8, Controlled ac 220 v / 10 a device.(maximum control equipment 2000 w)

9, Stream with relay protection.

10, The delay time formula: T = 1.1 RC.For example: 100 uf capacitance resistance 100 k T = 1.1 * 100000 * 0.0001 = 11 seconds

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Timer Switch Adjustable Module 0~10S

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