MP3 WMA Decoder With Remote Control

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1, support MP3 / WMA / WAV

2, support Bluetooth 5.0

3, with digital tube display;

4, support MMC / SD / MMA and other cards, support USB interface (U disk);

5, power failure memory function 24C02;

6, support 5-10 meters distance infrared remote control operation;

7, support external audio input LINE IN (AUX);

8, support radio FM, receiving frequency band (87.5MHZ-108.0MHZ);

9, button: four-button multi-directional control, VOL- / AUTO / VOL + / MODE;


Operation details:

1. VOL-(previous song/volume reduction): In MP3 state, VOL-short press is the previous song, long press is for volume reduction; in FM state, short press to adjust one station number; in Bluetooth Short press under the function is the last song of Bluetooth, long press to decrease the volume.

2. AUTO (play/pause): In the MP3 state, AUTO is short pressed to play/pause; in FM state, short press is play/pause, long press is for automatic receiving and saving; in Bluetooth function, short press to play /time out.

3, VOL + (the next song / volume increase): In the MP3 state, VOL + short press for the next song, long press for the volume to increase; short press in the FM state to adjust a station number; under the Bluetooth function Short press for the next song of Bluetooth, long press for the volume to decrease.

4, MODE : switch between USB/SD/FM/AUX/Bluetooth function

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MP3 WMA Decoder With Remote Control

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