PI metal detector

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PI metal detector

Low reaction for stones, consists iron and ferrous oxides

Possibility to use small, normal and big coils

Easy mounting in a box

You can use this metal detector for:

 - General purpose metal detector

 - Searching on the beach

 - Underwater metal detector

 - Searching meteorites

 - Searching gold (nugget)

 - Detector for deep searching


Principle: Pulse Induction

Mode: motion/non-motion

Search coil: 27 cm, possibility to connect small and big coils

Indication: LCD display, sound

Ground compensation

Power: 12V,  reverse polarity protection

Low battery alarm

Consumption: 80-100 mА

Dimensions of PCB: 104 x 73 mm

Dimensions of controls panel: 35 x 27 mm

Depth with 27 cm coil:

25 cm for small coin

30 cm (1 euro) for big coin

Big objects at greater distance.

The kit contain:

Assembled board + display and controls board (see pictures)

Search coil 27 cm

Cable between board and coil (1 meter)

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