Metal detector Magnum

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    Metal detector Magnum
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Metal detector Magnum

Not Assembled! This product is not suitable for beginners in electronics.

Magnum is one of the most popular detectors in  the world and one of the modified metal  detectors. His modifications are widespread and  one of them offer this kit for assembly. The  detector shows good performance both in terms of  sensitivity, especially when searching for small  metal objects and to distinguish between metals  and suppression of the ground effect. The  original scheme of Magnum indicated with arrow  and sound, but in this modification arrow was  removed - the indication is entirely sound. This  is much more comfortable when looking for highly  "contaminated" areas such as vineyards, where  there are many redundant metal in soil (wire  pieces, etc.)..

Technical characteristics of the Magnum:

  • Principle: induction balance (VLF, very low  frequency)
  • Mode: dynamic with automatic reset and  discrimination
  • Detection depth: the sensitivity of the detector  is from 20 to 25 cm for a penny. Larger objects  are detected at a greater distance.
  • Indication: audio (headset or speaker)
  • Coils: 20 cm and 10 cm in  diameter
  • Operating frequency: 15 kHz
  • Power supply: 18V and 9V batteries
  • Consumption: ~ 50 mA
  • Size of boards: 9 x 7 cm


  • Potentiometer to eliminate the ground effect
  • Potentiometer for discrimination
  • Potentiometer threshold sound
  • Switch discrimination 1
  • Switch discrimination 2

The kit contains:

  • Two double-layer PCB
  • All electronic components and potentiometers
  • Two winding and shielded coils (send and  receive) and cable for connection to electronics

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