Metal detector (Pulse induction)

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Metal detector (Pulse induction)

Very suitable for searching gold (nugget) - with small coil

Low reaction for stones, consists iron and ferrous oxides

High-quality Pulse Induction metal detector. The detector is not affected by the ground effect, sand and salt water. The coil no needs adjustment. When searching, all you have to do is to adjust the potentiometer "threshold".

You can use it for:

  - General purpose metal detector

  - Searching on the beach

  - Underwater metal detector

  - Searching meteorites

  - Searching gold (nugget)

Note: you can buy this metal detector with 20 cm coil (for general purpose, or 10 cm coil (for nugget). Write your choise as comment in the order.


Principle of operation: PI (Pulse Induction)

Mode: dinamic (need motion) with partial discrimination

Indication: audio (headphones) and light (LED)

Coil: 20 or 10 cm

Power: 12 V battery (not included)

Consumption: 85 mA

PCB size: 8 x 7.5 cm


Coil diameter 20 cm (general purpose)

brass coin diameter 17 mm - depth 22 cm

silver 1,5 g - depth 14 cm

silver 900 mg - depth 11 cm

silver 170 mg - depth 3 cm

Coil diameter 10 cm (for nugget and very small objects)

brass coin diameter 17 mm - depth 15 cm

silver 1,5 g - depth 11 cm

silver 900 mg - depth 9 cm

silver 170 mg - depth 6 cm

copper 70 mg - depth 3-4 cm

Larger objects are detected at a greater distance


Potentiometer "delay"

Potentiometer "threshold"

Battery check button

Assembly kit contains:

Assembled board

Winding coil

Cable for connection between the coil and electronics

Before selling the device is tested for performance with its coil and its cable

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