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Model: W1701

Size: Approx. 36.5x36.5x18 mm/1.44x1.44x0.71 inch

Temperature range: 20-90 C

Control Mode: Heating, Cooling, Heat dissipation

Control Accuracy: 0.1 C

Hysteresis Setting: 1-10 C

Refresh Rate: 0.5S

Supply Voltage: DC 12V

Output Voltage: DC 12V

Output Power: Max 200W

Static Current: 3 mA, attract current - 60 mA

Temperature Probe: 10K thermistor/ Waterproof Sensor

Environmental Requirements: -10 ~ 60 C

Humidity 20% -85%

Can be used in the (liquid, mold, space) and other control heating,

Also can be used (box, the device, water, pet rooms, air conditioning) and other control refrigeration.


Please connect the circuit according to the wiring diagram, power supply is DC12V (+12 V is positive , and GND is negative). The probe is connected to the object you want to control.

For heating: Please connect 12V heater to the - H +

For cooling: Please connect cooler to the + C -

For heat-sinking: Please connect cooler or heatsink connected to the + C -

Indicator Status : the red light is on indicating the cooling (+ C-) output, and the light is off indicating heating (-H +) output

Package included:

1x digital temperature control switch

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